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STAS wall strip

Hanging pictures by means of hook and loop fasteners? Does that work? Yes, it does! In fact, STAS wall strip is ideal for hanging pictures stably and horizontally, as well as for creating wall collages.
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Stick the hook and loop stickers to the back of your picture frame. Then hook the hook and loop strip into your STAS rail* by its cobra hook. Finally, simply “stick” the frame onto the strip. The remainder of the strip can easily be cut off.

STAS wall strip makes a statement on your walls and doesn’t try to hide from sight. Feel free to play with the options: hang pictures from two strips, create collages or stick other objects, like cards, to the strip.

* With the exception of STAS j-rail, STAS j-rail max and STAS plasterrail.

STAS wall strip comes with one Velcro strip and 4 Velcro fasteners.

WS40400 STAS wall strip 2 m

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