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Picture hanging systems

At STAS we develop, manufacture and distribute safe and flexible hanging solutions for a wide range of wall objects. These can include both decorative objects (paintings, drawings) and practical items (whiteboards, coat hooks, mirrors). Our solutions are aimed to improve rooms. Serving the purpose of the room is therefore key in our approach.

Our ever growing team of qualified experts is passionately committed to providing highquality products, personal service, and to share with you the freedom to transform your room, however you like. Whether this would be functional, decorative... or mix it up all together!

STAS was founded by the brothers Stas in 1995. With their hands on experience in building and carpentry, and an innate business instinct, they took the market by storm. Since then, STAS has grown into an award-winning and internationally operating cooperation that delivers to home owners, businesses and renowned galleries all over the world. All of our STAS products feature quality components, competitive pricing, and innovative (patented) designs for fast, easy, and professional hanging of wall decoration.
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  1. STAS minirail

    Thinnest picture rail in the world - Weight capacity 25 kg/m - white/black/alu
    STAS minirail is characterised by its extremely slim, narrow design and innovative mounting method. The rail itself is just 16 mm in height, yet it can carry up to 25 kg per linear metre. Thanks to an innovative screw, the STAS clipscrew, the rail can easily be fixed to the wall.

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  2. STAS cliprail

    Basic, simple and easy - Weight capacity 20 kg/m - white/black/alu
    STAS cliprail is a high-quality picture hanging system without any mishmash. It is easy to install and feels right at home in every interior. The cliprail owes its name to the specially designed fastening clip - the STAS railclip - which allows easy fixation to the wall.

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  3. STAS cliprail max

    Fits straight to the ceiling, no gap - Weight capacity 25 kg/m - white/black/alu
    STAS cliprail max is a hanging system for the perfectionist. An extra rim ensures the rail connects beautifully with the ceiling. With this system, your ceiling, wall and picture hanging system unite as one. The rail is most attractive when fixed to flat ceilings.

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  4. STAS cliprail pro

    Heavy duty picture rail - Weight capacity 45 kg/m - white/black/alu
    STAS cliprail pro is ideal for hanging heavier objects on walls thanks to its thick-walled profile. This rail can carry an amazing 45 kg per linear metre. STAS cliprail pro owes its name to the specially designed fastening clip - the STAS railclip - which allows easy fixation to the wall.

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  5. STAS drywallXpress

    Mount this picture hanging system on your drywall fast - Weight capacity 30 kg/m
    Push, click & go! The STAS drywallXpress is easy to place in a drywall with your hands, the corresponding tool and optionally with a tap with a hammer. Then click the picture rail onto the clips and your system is hanging!

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  6. STAS plasterrail

    Requires just a thin plaster layer of 6mm - Weight capacity 15 kg/m
    Attach the steel rail to a bare wall with nails and after plastering, only a narrow opening remains visible in the stucco. As a result, this picture hanging system can be fully integrated into a new wall to be plastered wall and is therefore virtually invisible.

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  7. STAS j-rail

    Hanging high and changing fast - Weight capacity 25 kg/m - white/alu
    The design of STAS j-rail was based on the shape of the letter J. This shape allows the rail to be combined in all kinds of different ways using hooks, cords and even rods. STAS j-rail has a somewhat industrial look and is applied regularly in art galleries and in business premises.

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  8. STAS j-rail max

    Professional and industrial picture rail for galleries - Weight capacity 100 kg/m - white/alu
    STAS j-rail max is designed for heavy objects. The thick-walled aluminium profile is capable of supporting loads of up to 100 kg per linear metre. This system is also available with theft-delaying security hooks and is often used in art galleries and museums.

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  9. STAS windsor & riva wooden rail

    Our wooden picture hanging rails are FSC and PEFC certificated - Weight capacity 20 kg/m
    In addition to aluminum rails, STAS also offers wooden rails in 2 different models. The STAS windsor is elegant and warm where the STAS riva has a more robust look and feel. Both models are easy to use and each has a different profile for which fitting hooks are available.

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  10. STAS qubic & qubic pro

    Compact hanging system; flexible in all directions - Weight capacity 15-20 kg/piece
    The STAS qubic is a compact and square hanging system. The STAS qubic is suitable for one hanging point and can be easily installed difficult places. Think of a stairwell, a slanted ceiling or for example a pillar in a church.

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  11. STAS drop ceiling rail

    Picture hanging system for drop ceiling - Weight capacity 25 kg/m
    The STAS drop ceiling rail is an all-in solution for rooms with a drop ceiling. The STAS drop ceiling rail replaces the wooden ceiling tile support strips and the corner profile for installing drop ceilings, and is equipped with a picture hanging system as well.

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  12. STAS plasterboard rail

    An almost invisible picture hanging system - Weight capacity 25 kg/m
    The STAS plasterboard rail is a built-in picture hanging system for rooms to be built or renovated with plaster, timber or concrete walls and plasterboard ceilings. Together with the wooden framework, mounted under the beam layer on the wall.

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  13. STAS evoluon

    Bendable rail; bends along with the wall - Weight capacity 20 kg/m - alu
    From now on, curved walls can also be used optimally with the STAS evoluon! The STAS evoluon has been specially developed for curved walls, but this rail is just as easy to mount on straight walls or (slightly) undulating walls.

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  14. STAS u-rail

    Picture hanging system for suspended ceilings - Weight capacity 20 kg/m - white/black
    STAS u-rail is specially designed for suspended ceilings. The rail is easily and almost invisibly attached to the supporting edge trim of the suspended ceiling. Your suspended ceiling becomes a versatile picture hanging system.

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  15. STAS papergrip

    Easy to hang and put down paper - white/black/alu
    STAS papergrip is one rail with two applications. Thanks to a handy internal strip, papers can be easily clipped into the rail or removed. In addition, cards (etc.) can be placed in the special ledge on top of the rail.

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  16. STAS paperrail

    Put all your memos, photos, drawings and notes in the STAS paperrail filled with marbles
    Papers, drawings, memos and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. The range of applications is endless, where people use paper, the paperrail can be used. In offices, working environments, in the catering business or at home.

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  17. STAS decor-rail

    To be hidden behind moulding - Weight capacity 25 kg/m - white
    STAS decor-rail is a basic picture hanging system that can be almost completely hidden, using a cornice or a moulding. The decor-rail attaches to the wall and the moulding can be mounted on the picture rail with mounting sealant.

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