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  1. STAS magnet sets

    With small, powerful magnets you can easily attach cards, photos and memos to a STAS steel cable. Create your own personal atmosphere in your kitchen, living room or office time and time again. A STAS magnet set consists of a steel cable with cobra and five or ten magnets. Hook the steel cable into your STAS rail. Using the magnets, you can then ang photos, cards and memos on the cable. It’s ideal for Christmas cards, birthday cards, to-do notes or temporary displays. STAS offers a choice of three magnet sets: white, coloured or 2-in-1. The white and coloured variants of the STAS magnet set cannot be combined with STAS j-rail, STAS j-rail max and STAS plasterrail. The 2-in-1 variant can be combined with all STAS rails except for STAS j-rail max.
  2. STAS grip-up (on papergrip)

    The STAS grip-up is a product that can be mounted in two ways. You can click the STAS grip-up over the STAS papergrip or mount it directly on the wall. In combination with the STAS papergrip, the pleasantness of a wall shelf is combined with the handy clamping mechanism of the STAS papergrip. Place photo frames, books or other decorations on the shelf section and hang notes, drawings and posters from the bottom. This gives you plenty of room for decoration and important papers.
  3. STAS suspension sets for plexiglass screens

    STAS plexiglass screen ceiling mounting with our plexiglass hanging sets. An ideal and professional solution for the office, counter, cash register, reception or counter to create a safe separation between employees and customers / visitors. Various options suspending from the (system) ceiling.
  4. STAS plexiglass screens

    STAS plexiglass screens for easy placing on a counter / desk or ceiling mounting with our plexiglass hanging sets. An ideal and professional solution for the office, counter, cash register, reception or counter to create a safe separation between employees and customers / visitors. High quality plexiglass of 4 mm thick with the highest transparency for the least possible blurred vision. Various sizes and options for placing on a counter or suspending from the (system) ceiling.
  5. STAS counter screen

    In addition to the STAS barrier screens for (drop) ceilings, we now also have a standing and therefore mobile and flexible solution to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus: the STAS counter screen. A solution for protecting employees and customers for the current situation, and for the future as well. With the STAS counter screen, the chance of spreading the virus between employees, from employee to customer and vice versa is considerably reduced. The screens are also referred to as cough screens or sneeze guards.
  6. STAS sneeze guard / barrier screen / cough shield

    Do you have a shop, (take-away) restaurant, office with reception or other company where employees are in face-to-face contact with customers or visitors? We now have the STAS barrier screen in our range, the retail solution to comply with the WHO guidelines to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The screen is supplied assembled with associated accessories, is easy to assemble and provides protection for employees and customers by separating them. The STAS COVID-19 corona virus barrier screen can be used for checkout lines at the cash registers, reception desks and shop counters to protect cashiers. It is very difficult for visitors and employees of companies and shops to comply with the guidelines to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in this outbreak of the coronavirus / COVID-19. At STAS we have developed various cough shields and accessories that can be used in offices, restaurants, shops, warehouses, schools, town halls, etc. to protect everyone from the spread of the virus. By creating barriers, the chance of spreading is considerably reduced. Sneeze guards are professional and retractable partitions made of A-PET that are easy to move and offer the highest level of transparency. We also offer the more professional plexiglass variant of SAN XT 4mm plexiglass. We can deliver immediately and quickly, as long as there's stock available Order online for delivery in the USA Order online for delivery in UK Order online for delivery in Ireland Order online for delivery in Australia Contact us for delivery in other countries
  7. STAS clocktica

    STAS clocktica, timeless design! The STAS clocktica is a silent design clock which can be attached to almost all STAS picture-hanging systems.
  8. STAS papergrip hanger

    The STAS papergrip hanger has been specially developed for hanging a whiteboard (with a max. size of 90x120 cm) on the STAS papergrip (mounted with screws), by means of 2 STAS papergrip hangers. The hangers are attached to the whiteboard with screws and then placed on the STAS papergrip, after which the whiteboard is easy to install and move.
  9. STAS picture hits

    STAS picture hits are transparent plastic clips that allow you to easily connect photos, cards and other lightweight decorative items to each other and to your STAS rail. The first clip is screwed into your STAS rail. Then you can slide a photo, card or other decoration into the clip. By sliding a new STAS picture hit on the bottom or side, you can attach another decoration. Step by step, you can create your own unique collage. STAS picture hits are ideal for temporary or changing decorations, for instance photos, Christmas cards, birthday cards, vacation snaps, garlands/streamers and other party or seasonal attributes.
  10. STAS wall strip

    Hanging pictures by means of hook and loop fasteners? Does that work? Yes, it does! In fact, STAS wall strip is ideal for hanging pictures stably and horizontally, as well as for creating wall collages.

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