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Picture hanging systems: the easiest way to decorate your wall!

STAS picture hanging systems are very easy to assemble and use. In essence, they consist of three components: a rail, a cord and a matching hook. Change and rearrange your wall decoration over and over again, whenever and as often as you like. No tools, no mess, no maintenance costs, no damaged walls!

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What would you like to hang with STAS?
The walls in your house are gigantic canvases that you see every day. What do you want to do with that space?

Find the perfect picture hanging system for your situation
Picture rail

2. Hook a cord into the rails

wherever you want to hang something
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1. Mount the rails on your wall or ceiling

the last time you have to drill!
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3. Slide the hook over the cord to the desired height

Hang your object on the hook and you're done!

Is it suitable for me?

STAS picture hanging systems are ideal for use in all areas and can be mounted on all types of walls and ceilings. We offer hanging systems for every budget. Homes, offices, schools, museums, healthcare institutions, hotels, government buildings: STAS not only fits everywhere, but also comes in handy everywhere. So let's put it this way: if you have walls, then STAS is right for you!