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How to use STAS picture hanging systems


Have you ever felt reluctant to tackle the decoration of your walls because you do not feel like the dust and the hassle that comes with drilling? Or can you never put your furniture down because your photos or artworks disappear behind the cupboard or sofa? Eternal doubt about the location of new drilling holes?

No worries, with the easy STAS picture hanging systems all these problems are a thing of the past! STAS gives you the freedom to decorate your walls flexibly, some ideas for this are:

  • • Make your living room more personal with photos, inspirational quotes and art
  • • Make simple collages by hanging several lists on the cords.
  • • Do you want to hang a clock, mirror, bulletin board or dart board? That all works fine with STAS.
  • • Give your space a festive or seasonal decoration in an instant!
  • • Give children's drawings a place of honor! Add new masterpieces easily.
  • • Children grow quickly: change the appearance of children's rooms at a glance by changing the posters and photos on the walls. Or let them do it themselves!
  • • Give your office a professional atmosphere by hanging artwork.
  • • Finally, when you are tired of it: simply change everything at any time. Without tools, without junk!
In short: experience freedom, creativity and dynamics in your interior with STAS picture hanging systems.