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Additional hanging methods

In addition to the complete line of flexible hanging systems, STAS also offers an extensive range of additional hanging solutions and accessories. STAS offers numerous related products. View the complete range of additional STAS products.
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  1. STAS suspension sets
    Safe and user-friendly suspension kits for hanging lighting, pipes, advertising, route indication, signs, paintings, acoustic panels, shelves etc. All STAS suspension sets consist of 1.5 mm steel cables with a length of 2 meters and can be loaded up to a maximum of 25 kg per set. Learn More
  2. STAS panel hooks
    Partition wall hooks offer a solution when hanging objects on wall panels, partitions, doors and cornices. They can easily be combined with STAS cords with loop and a STAS zipper or STAS smartspring. This way you can create a complete hanging system in no time. Learn More
  3. STAS papergrip

    Easy to hang and put down paper - white/black/alu
    STAS papergrip is one rail with two applications. Thanks to a handy internal strip, papers can be easily clipped into the rail or removed. In addition, cards (etc.) can be placed in the special ledge on top of the rail.

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  4. STAS v-tense & h-tense
    The STAS v-tense & h-tense tensioned cable system can be used flexibly and mounted on walls or ceiling. Horizontally, vertically and diagonally! Learn More
  5. STAS magnet sets
    Small, powerful magnets to easily attach cards, photos and memos to a STAS steel cable. A STAS magnet set consists of a steel cable with cobra and five or ten magnets. Hook the steel cable into your STAS rail. STAS offers a choice of three magnet sets: white, coloured or 2-in-1. Learn More
  6. STAS paperrail

    Put all your memos, photos, drawings and notes in the STAS paperrail filled with marbles
    Papers, drawings, memos and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. The range of applications is endless, where people use paper, the paperrail can be used. In offices, working environments, in the catering business or at home.

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  7. STAS picture hits
    Transparent plastic clips that allow you to easily connect photos, cards and other lightweight items to each other and to your STAS rail. Step by step, you can create your own unique collage. STAS picture hits are ideal for temporary or changing decorations. Learn More
  8. STAS wall strip
    Hanging pictures by means of hook and loop fasteners? Does that work? Yes, it does! In fact, STAS wall strip is ideal for hanging pictures stably and horizontally, as well as for creating wall collages. Learn More
  9. STAS setup - picture ledge
    Sometimes you don’t want to hang your pictures but just put them down on a picture ledge. STAS developed the set up rail to enable you to do this in a stylish and easy way. This stylish rail has a neutral design and can be used in many ways. Learn More
  10. STAS poster strips and poster snaps
    The classic STAS poster strip made of transparent plastic. The STAS poster snap is a high-quality version of the classic poster strip, made of aluminum, for heavier posters and canvases. Learn More
  11. STAS drop ceiling hooks
    With the STAS suspended ceiling hooks you can easily hang signing or decoration from a suspended ceiling. The hook is slid over the intermediate profile of the suspended ceiling. Available with an eye, with a hook or in two magnetic variants. Learn More
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11 Items

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