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Hanging pictures: ideas


STAS’ picture hanging systems offer unprecedented opportunities. Here we’ll give you some creative ideas on how to hang your pictures, photos, paintings, documents and notes.

Picture hanging systems

Hanging pictures: ideasThe most elegant way to hang paintings and picture frames! For professional use in offices, schools, museums and galleries, as well as use at home in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Can be mounted by using special picture rail, on your wall or ceiling. You never have to drill holes in the walls again and you can organize your pictures and frames time and time again.

Art lighting

The STAS multirail system not only allows you to hang your pictures, but also to light them simultaneously! The system is a worldwide patented system powered with 12V. With this revolutionary solution, you have a hanging system with unlimited possibilities. At any desired point you can easily click lighting fixtures in the track, to illuminate your wall decorations with LED or halogen light.

Hanging photos

You can hang lots of photos, maps, notes and drawings in a jiffy with the various STAS hanging systems. Applicable both in a work environment and at home!

STAS picture hits are patented transparent clips for easy hanging of cards and photos. STAS picture hits can be twisted directly into the picture rail. A transparent spacer may be used to ensure that the cards and photos are placed at eye level.
STAS paper rail: posters, drawings, memos and photos easily stay into the rail – held by gravity and the glass marbles inside the rail.
The STAS magnet set is far superior to other solutions because of its simplicity. It consists of strong three-legged neodymium magnets in combination with the STAS steel cable.

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