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STAS for in the classroom

20/11/2019 15:31

According to many studies, both a low-stimulus and a stimulating environment are important for the child's development. An ideal classroom is therefore a combination between the two. STAS picture hanging systems for education are designed to create well-arranged and flexible walls without using wooden slats, tape or glue dots. To put it to the test, we recently provided a classroom with a make-over, and the photos, well ... they don't lie! Read More
0 Commentaire | Posted By Amy
picture with two wires
At STAS we developed several simple tactics to solve tilting, leaning or floating wall decoration without having to compromise on your choice regarding pictures, frames or layout. Read More
1 Commentaire | Posted By Amy
STAS picture hits
STAS picture hits are transparent plastic clips with which you can easily connect photos, cards and other lightweight decorations to each other and to your STAS rail. STAS picture hits are ideal for temporary or changing decorations such as Christmas cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, garlands and other party or seasonal decorations. But... you can also easily create a beautiful collage or "instawall" with it as well! Read More
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STAS u-rail
Are you interested in a picture hanging system, but not too font of the view of that rail on your wall or ceiling? Then we have good news! The following picture hanging systems can be mounted virtually invisibly. These picture rails are also extremely suitable for newly constructed buildings or for suspended ceilings in the office or governmental institutions. All eyes will be on your favorite wall decoration! Read More
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STAS qubic
Putting something up in a stair hole, on a sloping ceiling, a small piece of wall or on a pillar? These are difficult places that are not used optimally because it is difficult to hang something here. But not anymore! The STAS qubic is the ultimate hanging system for these difficult places. Read More
0 Commentaire | Posted By Amy
Okay, I think that by now you know how you can easily hang your picture frames on a STAS picture hanging system. But did you know that ... that beautiful rug on your floor, that DIY quilt, or any other form of textile, can make your walls pop as well? Whether you make them yourself, or just buy them in the store ... textile on your wall looks gorgeous in your interior! Read More
1 Commentaire | Posted By Amy
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