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FAQ about STAS multirail systems


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How to install the STAS multirail?

Can I cut the rail to size?
Yes, you can, provided that you use the wooden strip included with the rail. Slide the wooden strip in the rail at the spot where you will be sawing. That way, the copper wires in the rail will be kept in place while sawing and will not get damaged. After sawing, remove any burrs.

Is the system dimmable?
Unfortunately, the current STAS transformers are not dimmable yet.

Is there a battery-operated alternative?
No, currently there isn’t.

Can I install an on/off switch or a dimmer on my system?
We would strongly advise against this. When used incorrectly, the transformer can become very hot and can easily burn out. Moreover, you will lose all warranty rights when you connect your own switch or dimmer switch to the system. STAS urgently advises NOT to use a dimmer switch.

Which fixtures should I choose?
This is mostly a matter of taste. We provide 2 types of lighting fixtures. The ‘sirius’ fixture has a length of 50 cm. The ‘signo’ frame has an arched design and is 70 cm long. Both fixtures have a chrome finish. We recommend using the fixture of 70 cm on walls that are 8.8 ft (2.70 m) or higher.

Can I shorten the fixtures?
No. Like the multirail, the fixtures are specifically designed by STAS and are attuned to the rail and the other components. Fixtures are not supposed to be cut or bent.

Which type of lamp is suitable for the fixtures?
We provide LED lamps for our fixtures. Led is extremely energy efficient and does not get warm or emit UV or infrared radiation. Moreover, led lights have a much longer lifespan than halogen. In short, led is without a doubt the safest, cheapest and most durable option for illuminating artwork.

Can I use a led lamp with a different shape?
In essence, you can. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the two pins in the light fitting should fit into the fixture. We recommend exclusively using the STAS lamps. We offer MR11-GU4 lamps. The bigger MR16-GU5.3 lamps will damage the fixture.

Can I use a lamp with a different wattage?
Not without taking into account the wattage in relation to the transformer capacity. Moreover, a light beam with a different intensity could burn your artwork. We therefore strongly recommend exclusively using the STAS lamps.

Should I use a transformer?
Yes, STAS multirail can only be used when connected to a transformer.

Can I use my own transformer?
No, due to design- and safety regulations you can only use the STAS transformer that was specifically designed for this system.

Can I use 2 transformers on 1 rail?
No! This is very dangerous! If one transformer is plugged into the power socket and you touch the other plug, you will be exposed to 230 V!

How many light fixtures can be installed on one rail segment?
Please keep in mind the maximum load per transformer
When in doubt, please contact us.

Can the cable be extended (from the rail to the transformer / from the transformer to the power socket)?
STAS urges you NOT to do this. The transformer cables are molded in the transformer and therefore cannot be extended or shortened. Shortening of the cable can cause the lamps to burn out.

Can I use the system in the bathroom?
No, the system is not suitable for use in damp or wet environments.

Should I turn off the power before I place the fixtures?
Yes. Install the entire system including the fixtures with lamps, then turn the power on. If you wish to rearrange the fixtures, turn the power off again.

Should I turn off the power before I replace the lamps?
Yes. For your own safety, always turn off the power before you rearrange the light fixtures or replace the lamps.


Do not short-circuit the output terminals.
Ensure the correct voltage is used as continuous excess voltage could damage your multirail system.
DO NOT OPEN this unit. To reduce risk of shock, this product should ONLY be opened by an authorized technician when service is required.
Disconnect the product from mains and other equipment if a problem should occur.
Do not expose the product to water or moisture.

Which lighting fixtures do I need?
This is mostly a matter of taste. There are 3 types of STAS lighting fixtures available. The ‘sirius’ lighting fixture has a length of 40 and 50 cm. The ‘signo’ frame is curved and has a length of 70 cm. The ‘classic’ fixture is available in chrome and white, in lengths of 50 and 70 cm. We advise you to use a lighting fixture with a length of 70 cm for walls that are 2.70 m or higher.
Take a closer look at the fixtures.

Which lamps do I need?
Each lamp fits every fixture. Your choice depends on the type (LED or halogen) and what color light you want. The main advantages of LED lighting are a longer lifespan, less power consumption and no infrared radiation. Halogen provides higher light intensity and a warmer color.

VL 10400 STAS multirail powerled 1.5W. Color: cool warm white. Lifetime: 20.000 – 50.000 hours. This lamp provides a broadly diffused light pattern. The output is equivalent to a 10W regular bulb.
VL 10700 STAS multirail powerled 4W. Color: warm white. Lifetime: 20.000 hours. The output is equivalent to a 20W regular bulb.

VL 10305 STAS multirail halogen 20W Alutech Frosted. Color: warm white. Lifetime: 3000 hours.
Because the lamp is frosted, it creates a diffuse light. The inside is silvered, so there’s no reradiation of the light.
VL 10304 STAS mulitrail halogen 20W Alutech. Color: warm white. Lifetime: 3000 hours.
VL 10600 STAS multirail halogen 20W Philips. Color: cool warm white. Lifetime: 4000 hours.