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Picture hanging systems

At STAS we develop, manufacture and distribute safe and flexible hanging solutions for a wide range of wall objects. These can include both decorative objects (paintings, drawings) and practical items (whiteboards, coat hooks, mirrors). Our solutions are aimed to improve rooms. Serving the purpose of the room is therefore key in our approach.

Our ever growing team of qualified experts is passionately committed to providing highquality products, personal service, and to share with you the freedom to transform your room, however you like. Whether this would be functional, decorative... or mix it up all together!

STAS was founded by the brothers Stas in 1995. With their hands on experience in building and carpentry, and an innate business instinct, they took the market by storm. Since then, STAS has grown into an award-winning and internationally operating cooperation that delivers to home owners, businesses and renowned galleries all over the world. All of our STAS products feature quality components, competitive pricing, and innovative (patented) designs for fast, easy, and professional hanging of wall decoration.
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