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STAS offers an extensive and unusually clever range of patented hanging systems that can be attached to the wall or ceiling and, in some cases, equipped with 12 volt power supply wires. By choosing STAS’ revolutionary systems, you choose a hanging system that offers almost boundless possibilities.

You can hang paintings, postcards and posters in the blink of eye. Easy-slide light fittings can be clicked onto the rail in the position of your choice, so as to spotlight your wall decorations with LED or halogen lamps. But STAS can offer so much more! For example, STAS’ powerline system makes it possible to easily link digital panels and 12V LED televisions to the 12V hanging systems as well.

Using STAS’ products, you can create the longest wall socket in existence in your home, office or other space.


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  1. STAS minirail

    STAS minirail is characterised by its extremely slim, narrow design and innovative mounting method. The rail itself is just 16 mm in height, yet it can carry up to 25 kg per linear metre. Thanks to an innovative screw, the STAS clipscrew, the rail can easily be fixed to the wall. STAS minirail is perfect for creating an elegant, unobtrusive hanging system for light to mediumweight objects. This product is available in different options; STAS minirail rails only: EAN: 8332715032320 Set of 1 rails, 2 cords of 150 cm, 2 smartspring hooks: EAN: 8715317001238
  2. STAS suspension sets

    With no less than 23 new STAS suspension sets, we have a convenient suspension kit for every situation. No need to look for separate parts. The STAS suspension sets are safe and user-friendly suspension kits for hanging lighting, pipes, advertising, route indication, signs, paintings, acoustic panels, shelves and many other objects. All STAS suspension sets consist of 1.5 mm steel cables with a length of 2 meters and can be loaded up to a maximum of 25 kg per set. Have a look at the overview of all suspension sets in the PDF download.
  3. STAS Wi-Fi smart-led incl. STAS classic fixture | smart lighting

    The STAS Wi-Fi smart LED (white) incl. STAS classic fixture has been specially developed to use combined with STAS multirail systems. The STAS Wi-Fi smartled lamp can be easily mounted on a fixture with the supplied Allen key. You can easily click a fixture anywhere in the STAS multirail. The fixture can only be adjusted in height and the lamp base can be turned. • Wi-Fi controllable LED lamp • Dimmable, fully adjustable in light color and intensity • Voice control in combination with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home • Remote control available separately • Fixture in 50 or 70 cm length and color white or chrome – the smart LED light is white
  4. STAS grip-up (on papergrip)

    The STAS grip-up is a product that can be mounted in two ways. You can click the STAS grip-up over the STAS papergrip or mount it directly on the wall. In combination with the STAS papergrip, the pleasantness of a wall shelf is combined with the handy clamping mechanism of the STAS papergrip. Place photo frames, books or other decorations on the shelf section and hang notes, drawings and posters from the bottom. This gives you plenty of room for decoration and important papers.
  5. STAS plasterrail - improved design

    STAS has improved the design of the STAS plasterrail! The STAS plasterrail is now even better in quality with its renewed design. You attach the steel rail to a bare wall with nails and after the rail and the rest of the wall have been plastered, a very narrow opening remains visible in the stucco. As a result, this picture hanging system can be fully integrated into a new wall to be plastered and is therefore virtually invisible. Click here for information about our old version of the STAS plasterrail (before 2021)
  6. STAS suspension sets for plexiglass screens

    STAS plexiglass screen ceiling mounting with our plexiglass hanging sets. An ideal and professional solution for the office, counter, cash register, reception or counter to create a safe separation between employees and customers / visitors. Various options suspending from the (system) ceiling.
  7. STAS plexiglass screens

    STAS plexiglass screens for easy placing on a counter / desk or ceiling mounting with our plexiglass hanging sets. An ideal and professional solution for the office, counter, cash register, reception or counter to create a safe separation between employees and customers / visitors. High quality plexiglass of 4 mm thick with the highest transparency for the least possible blurred vision. Various sizes and options for placing on a counter or suspending from the (system) ceiling.
  8. STAS counter screen

    In addition to the STAS barrier screens for (drop) ceilings, we now also have a standing and therefore mobile and flexible solution to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus: the STAS counter screen. A solution for protecting employees and customers for the current situation, and for the future as well. With the STAS counter screen, the chance of spreading the virus between employees, from employee to customer and vice versa is considerably reduced. The screens are also referred to as cough screens or sneeze guards.
  9. STAS sneeze guard / barrier screen / cough shield

    Do you have a shop, (take-away) restaurant, office with reception or other company where employees are in face-to-face contact with customers or visitors? We now have the STAS barrier screen in our range, the retail solution to comply with the WHO guidelines to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The screen is supplied assembled with associated accessories, is easy to assemble and provides protection for employees and customers by separating them. The STAS COVID-19 corona virus barrier screen can be used for checkout lines at the cash registers, reception desks and shop counters to protect cashiers. It is very difficult for visitors and employees of companies and shops to comply with the guidelines to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in this outbreak of the coronavirus / COVID-19. At STAS we have developed various cough shields and accessories that can be used in offices, restaurants, shops, warehouses, schools, town halls, etc. to protect everyone from the spread of the virus. By creating barriers, the chance of spreading is considerably reduced. Sneeze guards are professional and retractable partitions made of A-PET that are easy to move and offer the highest level of transparency. We also offer the more professional plexiglass variant of SAN XT 4mm plexiglass. We can deliver immediately and quickly, as long as there's stock available Order online for delivery in the USA Order online for delivery in UK Order online for delivery in Ireland Order online for delivery in Australia Contact us for delivery in other countries
  10. STAS plasterboard rail

    The STAS plasterboard rail is a built-in picture hanging system for rooms to be built or renovated with plaster, timber or concrete walls and plasterboard ceilings. The picture hanging system together with the wooden framework, is mounted under the beam layer on the wall.

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