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How to hang pictures


Picture hanging tips: how to hang your pictures, frames, paintings and art just right!

1. Finding the right place to hang your picture frames

  • • Make sure that the center of the picture is at eye level.
  • • In a relatively small space, a big painting can increase the feeling of space.
  • • Several smaller pictures placed vertically create a sense of height.
  • • Place a small picture near a lamp or a piece of furniture to create coherence.
  • • When hanging a group of several pictures, keep an eye on the general appearance. Make a balanced composition regarding size, colour and design. Leave about 1 – 5 inch space between the pictures. The less pictures you are hanging, the closer together they should be.

2. Hanging the picture on the wall

  • • Use a water level tool to check if the picture hangs horizontally straight. Mark the wall with a pencil at the right spots.
  • • For stone walls: use a solid steel nail or a nylon screw plug (after drilling a hole) for a screw or screw hook (or more than one if necessary because of the weight of the wall decoration). A nail is sufficient for lighter paintings. Use a screw and screw plug for big and heavy wall decorations.
  • • If you don’t want to damage your walls by drilling holes in them: use a picture hanging system from STAS! Check out the product pages to choose the picture hanging system that suits you best. Each product page contains a video with mounting instructions for the specific picture rail system.
  • • When hanging a painting with wire at the back: makes sure it has the right length. If the frame is tilted the wire might be too long. Also the fact that the wire is placed too far towards the middle of the frame might cause this problem.

3. Tips when using a picture hanging system from STAS

    • • Sometimes the use of two cords and hooks instead of one makes it easier to hang a picture straight.
    • • Lighting your pictures properly is very important as well. You can use LED or halogen lamps for this. A very good solution is the STAS multirail system. This clever system allows you to hang and light your art. Read more about hanging & lighting your pictures and artwork.

    With the picture rail from STAS picture hanging systems you can hang your pictures and paintings flexibly and elegantly!
    The cleverly designed (and patented) picture rail hooks “STAS zipper” and “STAS smartspring” enable you to adjust the height very quickly and easily. Moreover, moving your pictures to the left or right is no problem at all: the STAS cobra hooks into the picture rail can be moved to any desired point in the rail.

    Drilling holes in the wall is no longer necessary after mounting the STAS picture rail; hang and rearrange your pictures without using nails!