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Hanging pictures without nails


Do you want to hang your pictures without using nails? Hanging pictures without damaging walls is possible!

Just use a picture rail by STAS picture hanging systems!

Once the picture rail is installed, you will never have to drill any holes in your wall or use tools, nails or screws to hang a picture again.

STAS minirail STAS cliprail pro STAS cliprail max STAS j-rail max STAS multirail
Smallest in the world Heavy duty Fits straight to the ceiling Professional and industrial Hanging and lighting artwork professionally
$18.36 per 150cm / 59" $23.03 per 150cm / 59" $18.44 per 150cm / 59" $18.63 per 150cm / 59" $78.17 per 200cm / 78.75"
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A couple of big advantages when using our picture hanging systems:

  • • Easy, quick and flexible to use
  • • Easy assembly
  • • STAS cobra cords (steel or perlon) can be hooked into the picture rail on any desired spot.
  • • Height of the picture hangers (STAS zipper / STAS smartspring) is also easily adjustable
  • • Various systems for any type of wall or ceiling
  • • Easy to shorten or to extend/connect
  • • Can carry loads from 44 lbs up to 220 lbs per meter (3 feet 3⅜ inches)
  • • Picture rail is protected against discolouration
  • • Picture rail is paintable

The various patented picture hanging systems, manufactured by STAS, can be mounted on any wall or ceiling. Using the additional picture rail hooks and cords, adding, replacing or rearranging photos, paintings or other wall decorations could not be any easier.

You can place the STAS cobra at the desired spot in the picture rail. With the STAS cobra you can easily move your photo frames, paintings, wall decorations or pictures to the left or right without the need of drilling a new hole in the wall. No nails, no tools, no damage! Next, attach the picture hook (STAS zipper or STAS smartspring) to the perlon (or steel) cord and slide the hook up to the desired height. Of course you can always adjust this height as much as you like.

Our products are a great solution for all kinds of companies and organizations. Of course, our picture hanging systems can also be used at home in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Read more about the several picture hanging systems or take a look at the products section of our website. There’s sure to be a system in our catalogue that fulfills your needs.

STAS: hanging pictures without nails!