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Art display system


Are you looking for an art display system, which allows you to exhibit your works of art professionally and securely?

art display system

STAS minirail STAS cliprail pro STAS cliprail max STAS j-rail max STAS multirail
Smallest in the world Heavy duty Fits straight to the ceiling Professional and industrial Hanging and lighting artwork professionally
$18.36 per 150cm / 59" $23.03 per 150cm / 59" $18.44 per 150cm / 59" $18.63 per 150cm / 59" $78.17 per 200cm / 78.75"
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The suspended display systems by STAS have several big advantages:

  • - Make a complete picture gallery / wall collage in matter of seconds
  • - Add or rearrange your art and frames very easily, without tools
  • - After installation no screws or nails needed to hang pictures, frames and art
  • - This means no more damage to your walls
  • - Gives a very professional appearance
  • - Allows visitors to focus on the art without distractions
  • - Additional anti theft system available

STAS cobraCable display systems
Most of our picture hanging systems are basically cable display systems: you can choose between perlon cords or steel wire. Perlon can handle very high tension, which make it a perfect material for picture hanging cords. Its fibres are tough, wrinkle-proof, elastic and highly resistant to many chemicals.The steel wire can carry paintings and frames up to 44 lbs. It consists of several strands of steel wire, twisted into a helix. Flaws in the wires making up the steel cable are less critical as the other wires easily take up the load. Therefore it’s a very secure way to hang your precious art.

Picture hanging rods
The STAS j-rail max art display systems makes use of picture hanging rods instead of cables. This system allows you to hang art that weighs up to 220 lbs per linear meter (39 inch).

There are various other picture display systems to choose from:
STAS minirail – the smallest most innovative art display system in the world
STAS multirail – revolutionary art display system, which allows you to hang and light your art simultaneously from the hanging system. The hanging rail is equipped with 12V wire which powers the lighting fixtures.

STAS picture hits

Display hanging systems
Check out our other hanging display systems:
- STAS picture hits – transparent clips which allow you to make a photo wall collage in a matter of seconds
- STAS paper rail – a rail filled with marbles which can hold papers, posters, cards, photos or memos
- STAS magnet set – hang photos and paper artwork with small magnets on a steel wire