Picture hangers / picture hooks

We carry an extensive collection of modern picture rail hooks and cords, professional picture hangers, security picture hangers, partition wall hooks to hang your art, paintings and picture frames perfectly and securely.

Our picture hanging wires (perlon cords / steel cables) are equipped with the patented STAS cobra which is compatible with almost every STAS picture hanging system.

After the picture rail is mounted on the wall or ceiling, just simply hook the STAS cobra into the rail at the desired spot. This allows you can easily add and rearrange pictures, no nails or tools necessary! Take a look at the STAS hooks and cords.

Picture rail hooks

STAS smartspringHA30900 STAS smartspring – carries loads up to 4 kg

HA30501 STAS zipper - carries loads up to 20 kg (with steel cable)

Security hook

Security picture hangers

Obviously you want to enjoy your pictures on a daily basis. To make sure you can do this, STAS carries two anti-theft systems with security picture hangers in its product range.

STAS security hook
This hook offers a security spring to delay thefts. Through a steel safety spring the removal of the frame is more difficult and therefore the system delays a possible theft.

 diefstal vertagende ophanghaken Security STAS j-rail max

With the STAS j-rail max, flexible hanging and protection against theft is possible. With the aid of several accessories this rail can be converted into a theft deterrent system.

STAS j-rail max security cap white
STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 white 100 cm
STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 white 150 cm
STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 white 200 cm
STAS j-rail max security rod 4×4 white 250 cm
STAS j-rail max securtiy hook 40 kg

Partition wall hooks

In addition to the STAS cobra on perlon cord and steel cable combined with the STAS smartspring and STAS zipper we carry an extensive collection of partition hooks. For almost every type of partition wall and wall panel STAS has got a fitting solution. The panel hooks come in various shapes and sizes.
Below is a selection of our partition hooks. If the desired hook is not listed, please contact us. We’ll help you find the right hook!
stas-panel-hook-alu-type2HW30400 Panel hook verwol type 2, alu

stas-panel-hook-alu-type1HW30300 Panel hook verwol type 1, alu

stas-panel-hook-alu-sepa-normalHW30500 Panel hook Sepa normal, 3 mm silver

stas-panel-hook-alu-lux-window-frameHW30800 Panel hook Lux casing silver

HR10400 hook white small

HR30400 hook silver small

 scheidingswandhaak HW10200 Moulding hook white

HW30200 moulding hook silver

HW10111 Flexible Panel hook white 11-30 mm
HW10211 Flexible Panel hook white 31-55 mm
HW30111 Flexible Panel hook silver 11-30 mm
HW30211 Flexible Panel hook silver 31-55 mm

 Panel hook HW30700 Panel hook Interselect silver

stas-panel-hookHW10300 Panel hook 11 mm white
HW10400 Panel hook 16 mm white
HW10600 Panel hook 18 mm white
HW10500 Panel hook 21 mm white
HW10700 Panel hook 26 mm white
HW10800 Panel hook 31mm white

stas-trennwandhakenHW50100 Panel hook Alcoa transparent

stas-panel-hook-transperant-interfinishHW50900 Panel hook Interfinish transparent

Cords with loop

PL10110 Perlon cord with loop 100 cm
PL10115 Perlon cord with loop 150 cm
PL10120 Perlon cord with loop 200 cm
PL10125 Perlon cord with loop 250 cm
PL10130 Perlon cord with loop 300 cm
SL10110 Steel cable with loop 100 cm
SL10115 Steel cable with loop 150 cm
SL10120 Steel cable with loop 200 cm
SL10125 Steel cable with loop 250 cm
SL10130 Steel cable with loop 300 cm