STAS launches new websites

STAS continues its online efforts and has launched 41 new websites to provide information about our products in 40 additional countries. This means our product information is now available in 24 new additional languages! Stasgroup.com is already available in 12 languages (dutch, english, french, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, russian, czech, finnish, norwegian and slovak).

Estonia – piltide riputussüsteemid
Latvia – piekaru sistēmas
Lithuania – paveikslų pakabinimo sistemos
Greece – συστηματα αναρτησησ
Romania – simeze
Bulgaria – окачване на картини
Hungary – képfüggesztő
Poland – systemy zawieszeń
Slovenia – galerijske šine
Croatia – galerijske šine
Ukraine – система подвески картин
Serbia – галеријске шине
Russia – подвесные системы
Switzerland- bilder aufhängen
Austria – bilder aufhängen
Slovakia – závesný systém
Denmark – billedophæng
Sweden – hänga tavlor
Finland – ripustuskisko
Turkey – asma sistemleri

North America
Canada – picture hanging
USA – art hanging systems / picture hanging systems

South America – Middle America
Argentina – colgar cuadros
Colombia – colgar cuadros
Brasil – colocar quadros
Mexico – colocar cuadros

Middle East / Africa
Arabic – صور معلقة
Israel – תליית תמונות
South Africa – picture rail

China – 挂 画
Japan – ピクチャーレール
Hong Kong – picture hanging
Thailand – ภาพแขวน
South Korea – 액자걸이
Mongolia – Зураг өлгөх системүүд
India – picture rail
Singapore – picture hanging
Malaysia – menggantung gambar
Indonesia – gantung gambar
Philippines – picture hanging
New Zealand- picture rail